Publication Ethics

Indonesian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IJPMR), is a scientific journal that contains research results in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. All published articles have not been previously published.
The statement of the scientific code of ethics applies to all elements that play a role in the IJPMR publication process, namely managers, editors, reviewers, bestari partners, and writers. In essence, the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications is essentially upholding three ethical values in publications, namely:
  1. Neutrality; does not have a conflict of interest in the management of publications;
  2. Justice; grant the authorship rights to the author(s);
  3. Honesty; there is no element of duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism (DF2P) in the publication.

Editor in Chief Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepare permits and other legal aspects;
  2. Determine the name of the journal, scientific scope, periodicity, and accreditation if necessary;
  3. Determine the membership of the editor;
  4. Build sustainable cooperation between publishers, editors, bestari partners, and other parties;
  5. Respect for things that are confidential, for researchers, writers, editors, and review partners;
  6. Reviewing and updating journal policies as needed, as well as outreach to authors, editorial team, review partners, and readers;
  7. Create technical guides for editors and review partners.
  8. Publish journals regularly;
  9. Build a network of cooperation with various parties in terms of science, policy, funding, and marketing;
  10. Improve the quality of the journal on an ongoing basis.

Editor's Team Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Have the initiative to educate researchers about publication ethics;
  2. Provide comments on articles, so that readers can understand what the author wants to convey, through comments written on the manuscript;
  3. Provide comments on the author's writing in a language that is easy to understand;
  4. Sending articles to bestari partners, to be reviewed based on the bestari partner's assessment standards;
  5. Strive to improve the quality of publications on an ongoing basis;
  6. Prioritizing freedom of opinion objectively;
  7. Submit corrections, clarifications, withdrawals, and apologies when necessary;
  8. Ensure that the author's writing does not involve discrimination of ethnicity, race, religion, and class, which can trigger social conflict;
  9. Follow up on complaints from all parties involved in journal publishing;
  10. Provide input to the author to make improvements to the paper so that it is worthy of publication;
  11. Make the final decision objectively, in determining which articles can be published;
  12. Checking the layout of the manuscript to be published, according to the journal template;
  13. Team work in finalizing a collection of manuscripts before being printed and published, especially in terms of language, format and layout.

Bestari Partner Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide written feedback objectively and review the contribution of the text to the development of knowledge;
  2. Provide comments and suggestions on manuscript writing, tailored to the scope of the journal;
  3. Do not provide personal criticism or comments;
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript, by not discussing it with unrelated parties, or disclosing information contained in the manuscript to other parties.

Website Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

Website Administrator is the person responsible for managing the journal website. Specifically, the Website Administrator's job scope is as follows:

  1. Setting up a journal website;
  2. Configure various system options and manage Journal accounts;
  3. Manage journal updates;
  4. Recording report statistics;
  5. Upload a script that has the status accepted.